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WORK English meaning Erosion is the work of wind, water, and time. The right approach to non-work time can help prevent burnout, improve health and generally make life more livable. Domino’s executives have said that many drivers opted for gig work during the pandemic, given a surge in the delivery business and promises of more flexible schedules. Career breaks are extended and usually unpaid stretches of time off work. Displacement is a vector quantity that gives the shortest distance between the initial and final positions of any object. If the resulting displacement in the direction of force due to force acting on any object is zero, the net work done by that force on that object is zero. For e.g., if we push a rigid wall with all our might and still fail to displace it, then we can say no work has been performed on the wall. Constraint forces determine the object's displacement in the system, limiting it within a range. Where Fg is weight , and Δy is the change in height y.